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In Memoriam A. H. H. OBIIT MDCCCXXXIII: Part 101 by Alfred Lord Tennyson


Unwatch’d, the garden bough shall sway,
;;The tender blossom flutter down,
;;Unloved, that beech will gather brown,
This maple burn itself away;

Unloved, the sun-flower, shining fair,
;;Ray round with flames her disk of seed,
;;And many a rose-carnation feed
With summer spice the humming air;

Unloved, by many a sandy bar,
;;The brook shall babble down the plain,
;;At noon or when the lesser wain
Is twisting round the polar star;

Uncared for, gird the windy grove,
;;And flood the haunts of hern and crake;
;;Or into silver arrows break
The sailing moon in creek and cove;

Till from the garden and the wild
;;A fresh association blow,
;;And year by year the landscape grow
Familiar to the stranger’s child;

As year by year the labourer tills
  His wonted glebe, or lops the glades;
  And year by year our memory fades
From all the circle of the hills.