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Petrarch and Poetry


Retain scholar and poet in Renaissance Italy, and one of the earliest humanists. Patriarch’s rediscovery of Cicerone’s letters is often credited for initiating the 14th-century Renaissance. Patriarch Is often called the “Father of Humanism. ” The First Humanist and Letters to the Dead by Patriarch, we can connect these writing to that of one of the common core questions.

The common core question that relates to the works of Patriarch Is number 3, what does It mean to understand and appreciate the natural world? When men like Patriarch and his fellow humanists (people who agreed with what he wrote) read pagan literature, they were Infected with the secular outlook of the Greeks and Romans. Patriarch, a devout Christian, worshipped the pagan views of Cicero.

In The First Humanist, Patriarch was much like his contemporaries but what dad him different from them, was his attitude to the classics and his reasons for immersing himself in them. This showed that he really wanted to understand what the world was like before and what the world was like that he was currently living in. The influence of Patriarch’s poetry was not merely a matter of form, but even more so of content, not only a way of writing, but also a manner of thinking.

All of his writings ere a matter of thinking because he had so much passion and determinism to understand the natural world that he lived in. With everything that he wrote his humanists appreciated it all and would soon spread the world to other people in society. The First Humanist does and excellent Job in explaining the background Info on Patriarch and explains all the hard work that he put into his work so he could understand and appreciate the natural world, which is the third common core question.