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Poetry and Literature


The information being presented and the author’s purpose determine how the writer organizes the concepts and ideas. – Text Structure 2. What should be your primary concern when reading literature? – Recognize the differences and similarities in real life experience 3. Literature leads us to the life of man, society, culture, and tradition. – understand 4. How does literature affect you as readers? – Molds man as a total human being 5. In literature you can witness different emotions and struggles of life – True 6.

A poem that expresses the emotions, feelings and observations of the writer. Unlike narrative poem, it presents an experience or a single effect, but It does not tell a full story. – Lyric Poetry 7. It Is a long, formal lyric poem with a serious theme. It often honors people. Commemorative events, respond to natural scenes, or consider serous human problems. – Ode 8. All characteristics are involve in literary writing except for: – Power 9. Which type of fugue of speech does this statement fall “he was brave as lion” – Simile 10.

Spelling and grammar advancement are skills that can be improved in reading literature. – True 11 . Statement A: The literary pieces bring you to the roots of the world’s culture, ND human condition Statement 3: Thus, you will only gain about the historical background of a particular place. – Statement Is True while Statement 8 Is False 12. In writing literature, amateur or not, creativity will always take place regardless its form in literature. – True 13. When writing a literary piece, authors and writers can separate their personality from their work. False 14. The famous author who said that Literature is a performance in words. – Robert Frost 15. Most of the epics are handed down orally from generation to another as part of the oral tradition of certain notions, until they translated Into writing. True 16. Which type of figure of speech does this statement fall “necessity Is the mother of Invention” -? Metaphor 17. How Is autobiography different from memoir? – Longest Answer 18. It retells in a continuous narrative the life and works of a heroic or mythological person or group of persons.

It is considered as the oldest form of literature since its existence is known to be along the ancient history. – Epic 19. Since essays are under nonfiction type of literature, it could mean that essays also discuss the creative and imaginative side of a particular concept by which the author has Invented. – True 20. This element of poetry ascribes the rhyme and rhythm of poetry. – Sounds 21 . To appreciate the essence and importance of literature, one must not open his mind to the different perspective of it so confusion would not set in. – False 22.

How is ballad poetry similar to epic poetry? – They are both narrative poetry 23. It is an entertainment which also opens up our minds to the world of possibilities – Literature 24. The reason an author writes an article Is called . – Audience 25. Literature enhances the different skills of a person which result to knowledge and creativity enrichment. – True 26. Sonnet Is one of the types of poem has nines yet different rhyming scheme depending on its kind. – 14 27. In actual life, you don’t gather so much information in literature which could help you enhance your personal skills. False 28. A language that cannot be taken literally which also needs deeper understanding – Figurative Language 29. Literature came from the Latin word “Literal” which means – letter 30. A language, from wide range of subjects, characters, life experiences, and emotional situations. The characters are ordinary people concerned with ordinary events. – The Metrical Tale 31 . Out in the porch’s sagging floor, Leaves got up in a coil and hissed, Blindly struck at my knee and missed – Metaphor 32. Literature is a performance in words. This means that . Literature is like a drama. 33. As a part of the growing field of literature, literature influences and molds life. – True 34. Literature provides not only entertainment but also information that enriches your mind. – True 35. Literature usually represents shapes man not only as a professional but by feeling or atmosphere in poetry. – Mood – All of the given choices 36. Literature . – Personality 37. It is the 38. The information being presented and the author’s purpose in a nonfiction iterate determine how the writer organizes the concepts and ideas. – True 39.

Which type of figure of speech does this statement fall “Well, son, I’ll tell you: Life for me anti been no crystal stair. It’s had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor-Bare. (Longs Hughes, “Mother to Son”) – Metaphor 40. What is the underlying concept of drama? – A type of literature which is meant to be played on stage. 41 . A lyric poetry which includes all poems that do not fall under ode, song, elegy, and sonnet. – Simple lyric 42. Statement A: You enjoy bout the comedies and tragedies of the life of man expressed in poems, short stories, and play.

Statement B: As you enjoy literature, you will learn to understand more about life. – Both statements are true 43. A fiction is a form of literature which may be based on real experiences YET is made out of one’s creative mind. – False 44. World literature is greatly composed by different literary works which can be the connections to actual life situations and art appreciation. – True 45. Arsenic Tan describe literature as human . – experience 46. It is a song that tells a story, often one dealing with adventure or romance. Ballad 47.

One of the distinguishing natures of fiction literature is that it can be broken down into sub-categories; autobiography, biography, memoirs, essay. – False 48. Movement, speaking, entering, exiting. These words describe the in drama. – Stage directions 49. Based on the definition of literature of Henry Van Dyke, what does the author contribute to literature in artistic form? – personality 50. Shakespeare is known to be one of the greatest playwrights of the renaissance period. Since drama emerged during this period, Shakespearean dramas were divided into what types? – Tragedy, comedy, classical, or history