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Poetry and Rhyme Scheme


Hyperbole: None Poetic Devices: Metaphor: No metaphor Imagery (vivid language describing the five senses) Hyperbole (exaggeration to support a point) No hyperbole Imagery: Mightier, Ancient, Stern Hyperbole: No hyperbole None Dominant Words and Phrases The theme In this poem Is the Men of England and the author describing how they were, the warfare, bringing up of weapons, etc. Theme (authors message) or France. The author calls her and in my point of view, looks at her highly. He speaks on her royalty ;once more thy crown is set” he says. ;song- To the Men of England” was written in 1819

Historical Connections This poem does not really have a connection to ;song- To the Men of England” Response Questions Use complete sentences and textual support for each response. 1 In eight to 10 sentences, compare the “Bees of England” metaphor in Shelley poem to the metaphor of England as “Mother to the Free” in Bonbon’s poem. Starting with Song to the Men poem, Shelley poem was a negative poem. It exploited British workers. He pointed out the bad things and what he saw that he did not like. I can tell he had great disdain for the laborers. Shelley used words such as drain, sweat and blood to how his disapproval.

The difference in the ;Mother of The Free” is that Benson spoke of the finer things. He did not look at it as a way to criticize or show disapproval of but what he did like. He depicts it so well, he is perceived to look highly to her as royalty. All of her good doings and her majesty is adored. Using words such as, extol which is another word for praise and mightier. 2. In 8-10 sentences, compare the methods the two poets use to emphasize their enthusiasm toward their view of England. Both authors use good methods for the poem. They show great enthusiasm with their tone and word choice.

In both, you can depict easily how they feel. One good, the other bad. The difference between the methods in Shelley poem, he speaks of them low, like they are not to be in favor. Using words to describe his disdain for the laborers, he continues on get his point across to the reader. The enthusiasm used by Benson in the Mother to the Free poem is that he wanted to emphasize his happiness to towards the English Empire. Though thought completely different by Shelley, he depicts a different point from the Empire, he looks as it as a way to show his approval. Benson is excited about England in her majesty.