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Post Modern American Poetry


“Where Is The Angel? ” and “Forenoon’s Movies” One of my favorites from the Black Mountain College poets was Denies Lovers “Where Is The Angel? “. In the flirts stanza of this poem, you can already point out a metaphor and biblical reference. “Where is the angle for me to wrestle? No driving snow in the glass bubble, bust mild September. ” I think first off, the speaker is asking, “Why have I not been challenged? ” The glass bubble that the speaker Is referring to Is a metaphor for a snow globe. Then, In the bible Jacob wrestles and angel.

Elevator as a very religious person, so I would think that that is where the biblical reference is coming from. I would like to think that the speaker is older, possibly sheltered his/ her entire life, and asking where their test of faith is, and if It is coming at all. The speaker continues on to describe the surrounds In the globe; It is not snow, yet more of a fall. The air is warm; the colors are gold and brown. I think that the speaker is referring to their life, and that they are pretty much happy, but then in sixth stanza presents us with this image, “A band of iron, like they put round a split tree, circles y heart. The speaker obviously has or had a broken heart, “the band of Iron” Is to pull the heart back together and fix it. I think that it’s in the process of healing and had previously been broken, because right after that line, the speaker talks of it being pleasant in the globe. The last two stanzas are asking again, where is their angel to wrestle. Maybe the speaker Is worried that they haven’t paid their dues and Is concerned If their trip to heaven has been earned. I don’t completely understand this poem, but it’s really not about understanding, it’s about how the poem makes you feel.

I thought that this was one of the best of the Black Mountain poet’s works. One of my other personal favorites Is Robert Creels “Forenoon’s Movies”. I know a bunch of people complain about Creels work because his may be more difficult than others, but I really enjoyed this poem of his. There are obviously two scenes: one of a young boy and one of the old, aging Lancelot. I think Creels purpose of this was to give the Illusion of time In one poem. In the first one tells a classic story of a young boy and girl being watched by two poor people from a bridge adjacent to hem, the bride representing choice; choosing your path.

Cruelly is trying to point out in the first story that when you are young, you feel invincible. The second story tells of the aging Lancelot. I’m not completely sure of his full meaning of this or the purpose, but I’d like to think that Cruelly is saying that life is full of mistakes and you are going to age. At the end of the poem, in the last stanza, Lancelot is sitting there on his horse, thinking about his mistakes contemplating life. Maybe, the two older people watching the younger couple are a foreshadowing of Lancelot aging in the second half of the poem.

What Is Like about not Just Cruelly, but about all of the Black Mountain poets, their works can be taken in any which way you want them. 1 OFF poem. Both of these works by Denies Elevator and Robert Cruelly can be interpreted in infinite ways. These two were my favorite that we have read so far. Most of the poets in the Black Mountain College were all completely different from each other so, that is why their works are all extremely different and diverse. But they are all equally important to the Postmodern American Poetic movement.