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Robert Frost Poetry Essay


The last two lines of the poem, Long sleep, as I describe its coming on, Or Just some human sleep” shows that the speaker may be referring to the Idea of natural human sleep, but the use of the word “long” plants the Idea that it could also represent something more than Just a deep human sleep, possibly a permanent sleep, death. The fact that it is winter, shown through the words “Essence of winter sleep”, could also be a part of the concept of death, as winter is often associated with cold, hard things and even death.

The act of apple picking or harvest could represent any human effort; whether It Is studying, Rick laying, running a shop or any other form of work. Also, the sense of incompleteness comes from the line “A barrel that I didn’t fill” as it shows his lack of efforts and that the speaker did not work to his full potential. Although the act of apple plucking could be seen In negative light as shown above, It could also be seen In a positive way too. Satisfaction can be detected as Frost states, “two or three apples” only remain.

This shoes that the speaker has done all that was possibly within his power; all that is left is the result of minor, inevitable human imperfection, a more universal concept. In Frosts poem Mending Wall, the wall Is being built out of tradition, Like one of the only reasons the two neighbors keep up the game of rebuilding the wall is because they know no different. The speaker says “l have come after them and made repair, showing that he is continually working on the wall. They show persistence In continually repairing the wall.

The term ‘segregation’ Is defined as the action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart. The wall is obviously setting the two neighbors part from one another, showing a strong sense of segregation between the two households. Community and its necessity could be derived from the line “Something there Is that does not love a wall”. The Idea of a community Is a strong concept, often considered to be a strong theme throughout society.

A community is defined as “A group of people living together in one place, esp.. One practicing common ownership” on dictionary. Com, which proves that the idea or concept of (a) community is a highly well known and sought after universal concept. Loneliness and the desire for privacy re shown through various metaphors used throughout Mending Wall. The neighbor in the poem states “Good fences make good neighbors”, showing that he does not feel the need for there to be much contact with the speaker in the poem, he enjoys his sequestration.

On the other hand, the speaker establishes a good case opposing to the wall by expressing Ideas such ad “Why do they make good neighbors” in response to the neighbors want for the wall and “Something there is 1 OFF strong dislike toward the wall. Barriers, in the poems case, the wall, confine, but for mom people they also encourage the idea of freedom and productivity by offering challenging frameworks within which to work.

So the wall in Mending Wall may actually be a strong metaphor contributing towards these ideas. Frost seems to find ways to easily interweave metaphors throughout his poems, often giving the poem two or more meanings and causes the audience to strongly consider the true meaning. He states many universal concepts through the use of metaphor in After Apple Picking and Mending Wall such as death, human effort, segregation, community and freedom.