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The Whistling Girl by Dorothy Parker


Back of my back, they talk of me,
  Gabble and honk and hiss;
Let them batten, and let them be–
  Me, I can sing them this:

“Better to shiver beneath the stars,
  Head on a faithless breast,
Than peer at the night through rusted bars,
  And share an irksome rest.

“Better to see the dawn come up,
  Along of a trifling one,
Than set a steady man’s cloth and cup
;;And pray the day be done.

“Better be left by twenty dears
  Than lie in a loveless bed;
Better a loaf that’s wet with tears
  Than cold, unsalted bread.”

Back of my back, they wag their chins,
;;Whinny and bleat and sigh;
But better a heart a-bloom with sins
;;Than hearts gone yellow and dry!