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About dead poet society


The immortality of the dream According to the movie < Dead Poets Society>, It tells a story that a couple of boys pursue the dream and freedom within the teaching from an English literature teacher which happens in the boors school. Some of the major themes being used in the movie aimed to raise the diversity and complicated storyline and character relations. The following three major themes give the deeply impression.

Firstly, Symbolism; in this movie, many symbols has been designed to state the details and create a mysterious circumstance to the audience. For example, Four Pillar Banner being mentioned alms to symbolize the four values of Walton Academy which represent traditions, honor, discipline, and excellence. Those four values restricted those boys and kept them far away from freedom and resistance. Secondly, image; during the whole movie, plenty of images appear in people’s eyes.

Most of images were intelligently designed and each of them demonstrated different meanings which the writer left the various ways for the audience to think about it. For instance, single kindle lightning, the student read poem In a cavity, the Keating standing on the ask, photographs of past students, large details were represented by those villous in order to show the image of history, future or mental element. When student ripped out first pages of poetry book, a slightly smile appeared in their face.

That was the first attempt to get close to freedom and think of the poetry by their own way. Thirdly, irony; the film also had some situation to express irony which increase the artistic and critical literature performance. For example, Todd was the shy one in the group and finally he Is the first one to stand up and say O’ captain my captain. Also the myth discussed in the paper takes responsible to Irony. The pattern and Images presented to reader seems so familiar to realistic but it is just myth in their daily life. That’s a huge contrast between the reality and myth. “Dead Poet Society. “) Connect to the film to our own life. Life can not just like we expected. Seems that sometimes we may feel so close to the reality like the freedom or basic behavior; however, some invisible object always block us. Like the film shown, Nail suicide In the end to fulfill his dream and get rid of restrict from his father. He used such an extreme way to achieve the goal. That Is an Inevitable tragedy which happens In everywhere. Children are taught that always follow the rules and do the parents like them to do.

Student are evaluated in which highly depended on the score instead of their abilities. Adult are devoted their whole life into work, they become more stability; they lost themselves and seldom self-thinking. Most of them don’t want to take challenge to the reality even some object are wrongs. They all are the salves of life but Just In the different period. With my grown experience, I deeply aware that the importance of the performance in study. During my education in China, Teacher always praised the student with the better score.

So does score or better school decide your life? That’s the reality. If we want to get the reputation and status, academic performance is a critical way to achieve the goal for normal people. As we all known, the most top schools are gathered in America. According to the record during recently, the number of Chinese student going aboard Increases 30 percent the heavy academic and regain the interest of the major. (“International study up”) However, going aboard to get further education was Just the small group of the Chinese student.

Most students have no choice of their own life. So many examples have told them, if they don’t study hard, they will never get a good collage. If they don’t get a better university, the company will not employ them. With grown, our choice becomes less and less. We are more far away from our dream. I still remember that when I was in pupil, we all have dreams. ‘l want to be a pilot; I want to be a scientist; I want to be a doctor;’ that was the teacher ask us what we want to be when we grow up. At that moment, I think that is the choice which made by ourselves.