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Poetry Essay


In My Life” and “the Embrace” Love, it knows no color, has no prejudices or face. When comparing the Battles song “In My Life” and “the Embrace” by Mark Dotty, the main theme the two talk about is their love for someone. They are both reminiscing of love that they no longer have. Both poems were published after 1900, “In My Life” released December 1965 and “the Embrace” written In 1998. With over thirty years between the poem and song each Is written simply. The tone is sad and easy for a person to read and understand easily.

However, it is love we are talking about so will we ever really understand it? When reading the two side by side you feel a sense of sadness for the lost love of the writer. In the song and in the poem the words are beautiful and very moving. Both writers do an excellent job of reminding you of a certain someone or certain period of love they once had. With “In My Life”, I wasn’t able to identify if the lost love was the one that got away, a parent or grandparent, child, living or dead.

There aren’t many words to the song but those that are there are very strong. What the writer is saying in so many words “been there and done that” but no matter what he sees, what has changed or the memories he has the love/feelings for her leaves a strong impression that his love is so strong nothing compares. “But all of these friends and lovers, There Is no one compares to you. In my life I love you more. ” (Verse 2) The writers memories are of the past and how he misses his love.

How every day occurrences or places remind him of her. In “The Embrace” he writes of a love he once had through a dream. His memories are very casual and vivid. That It takes this very real dream to help remember his love, how It has become difficult and painful not to remember this person’s physical tributes. He needs a picture to help remind him, which sounds most painful for him. That his memory is slowing fading. “Why so difficult, remembering the actual look of you? Without a photograph, without strain? (Dotty line 15) The sad thing is that even In his dream he knows that this Is a love he will never have again. “l didn’t for a moment doubt you were dead. ” (Dotty line 5) This poem is sad but also gives some hope and happiness even if it is Justas dream the writer is able to have a special moment with his loved one. “Bless you. You came back, so I could see you once more, leanly, so I could rest against you without talking this happiness lessened anything, without thinking you were alive again. (Dotty linden) In conclusion, love knows no color has any prejudices or face. In comparing the Battles song “In My Life” and “the Embrace” by Mark Dotty, they are both written with so much emotion. The tone is sad and somewhat hopeful. The mall theme in the song and In the poem Is their love. They both talk about losing a loved one. When reading the poem and song to some extent everyone can understand or relate to the 1 OFF whether it is a dream or Just reminiscing about the places and memories of them. Even though the two are three decades apart the message is the same.

A lost love is irreplaceable and indelible. Love of any kind holds on persons heart and emotion. Both writers display a lot of emotion. The love that they speak of is a pure image of love. In both the song and poem it talks about love and loss. In both it is hard for the writer to remember their loved ones. They may even feel guilty for forgetting memories or certain features of this person or objects. But like a dream or a certain song those memories of that person or object will always bring you back to the day you were with that person.