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Dead Poets Society Essay


John Keating, in “Dead Poet’s Society, interacted with his students through the skills we learned in Mr.. Muleteers class. He showed pause-for-effect in the clip of Mr.. Keating taking his class into the hall way and asking the boys questions. He showed this skill once again in the clip before he asked all the boys to stand on his desk. Another skill was posture and his movement. Mr.. Mulberry said the way you stand can give an audience a vibe of your interest in your conversation. Mr..

Keating in “Dead Poet’s Society’ was physically involved in his conversations. He kept moving and raised his voice to put emphasis on the points he tried to get the boys to reach. Another correspondence of the two teachers would be their personalities. Each teacher knows how to approach a person, kids in general. It could be hard to get and keep a kid, yet along a ten’s interest in a conversation of school boundaries. Yet, they still accomplish it, and it is not forcefully. John Keating gets the boys physically active when he Jumps on his desk.

This action is astonishing to these teens, you can tell by their faces in the video clip. He then says “l stand upon my desk to remind myself we must constantly look at things a different way. ” Then when he tells each one to come p and stand on his desk, they get up and do it happily. Each teacher is good with getting the kids attention. Both teachers make the lesson fun. Mr.. Keating took his students outside to do a walking activity that ended up not being about walking at all.

Mr.. Mulberry took his class outside on a cold winter day, they near froze to death, but it was somewhat fun. Mr.. Mulberry even took his students to a stage to act out a book, Just to make it more interesting. The teachers aren’t pretending to know how to handle their students; I think they are actually putting themselves into the kid’s position but still being the adult that is in hare at the same time. The relation between Mr.. Mulberry and John Keating is close. If Mr..

Mulberry would like to end this semester well then he should try to take some tips form John Keating. Maybe he could let his class walk on his desk and try new stuff such as parties, no more essays, and more parties. This is Just my opinion and I’m sure many others would agree (specifically Mr.. Muleteers whole class). These are some teachers who have their Jobs because of how good they are at it. I am sure Mr.. Mulberry will come up with great ways to end his class especially if he gets tips from his new source, Mr.. John Keating.